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How do we ensure discretion?!


Are you afraid that your order will not be delivered discreetly?

We assure you! With more than 12 years of professional experience, we have maximized our discretion!

What do we do for discretion?

    • Neutral sender. The name of our company is completely generic, meaning that the sender is an online store.
    • We use a solid cardboard box, our packages are stitched with compressor staplers from a Swedish manufacturer, so our packages are completely sealed and cannot be opened without damage.
    • Used copper clips, 3 cm wide, ensure the integrity of the boxes!
    • We check your order twice before packing to ensure everything is okay.
    • We work with the largest courier companies, so the courier car won't stand out in your environment.
    • We hold special training for our employees on maximum possible discretion.
    • Our website communicates with your device using SSL encryption.
    • We have reduced paper consumption to a minimum. We entrust the disposal of paper waste to the REISSWOLF Budapest Adatés Dokumentumkezelő Kft company.
    • We also care about discretion when paying by card! Therefore, during the bank transaction, you will only see the name of our company, date, and transaction number.


discreet packaging

On the left picture: an order sent from another online store On the right picture: How we send a package.