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You2Toys - Vibrating Love Chair - Pink
You2Toys - Vibrating Love Chair - Pink
You2Toys - Vibrating Love Chair - Pink
You2Toys - Vibrating Love Chair - Pink
You2Toys - Vibrating Love Chair - Pink
You2Toys - Vibrating Love Chair - Pink
You2Toys - Vibrating Love Chair - Pink
You2Toys - Vibrating Love Chair - Pink
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You2Toys - Vibrating Love Chair - Pink

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Vibrating love chair - pink

Inflatable sex chair with built-in penis-shaped vibrator and small handholds on both sides.
The built-in vibrating pamper is made of a pleasant springy material, with a shaped acorn, with a veined surface, and its vibration intensity can be adjusted by remote control.

Why is it good?

  • Soft inflatable chair with a love dong waiting to be embraced
  • Chair shape for easy riding
  • Two small handholds help you keep the momentum going
  • Inviting slat in the middle, the perfect size to pamper you
  • Lures you in with a pretty pink colour
  • Infinitely adjustable vibration
  • Wired remote control lets you adjust the vibration for comfortable pleasure

Watch this!

  • Only use water-based products for lubrication
  • Clean thoroughly before and after each use
  • Do not use stabbing or cutting tools near the product as this may cause damage
  • Requires 2 pencil batteries (2 x AA) which are not included in the package and must be ordered separately

How to use:

First insert the batteries into the remote control, according to their polarity, then inflate the chair. Do not use a compressor to avoid putting too much pressure on the chair. After that, all you have to do is use a little water-based lubricant to get into your new lover and ride all the way to the top! You can turn on the vibration with the remote control, which has a rewind knob that allows you to continuously increase the vibration intensity.


  • Chair height: 21 cm
  • Diameter of the chair: 45 cm
  • Length of the vibrator: 16 cm
  • Vibrator diameter: 4 cm
  • Maximum load capacity of the chair 100kg
  • Material: PVC (EU compliant, phthalate-free)
  • Phthalate-free
  • Phthalate-free (PVC, PVC-free)
  • Pink colour
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries

Cleaning suggestion:

Wash thoroughly with mild soapy lukewarm water, rinse and allow to dry. Recommended: use special detergent (06302500000) - available separately.

Download instructions for use (PDF)

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You2Toys - Vibrating Love Chair - Pink

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